Quiet Balance: The Ayurvedic Simplicity of Fall

Many think of the new year as a time to begin again. But Mother Earth gives us four spectacular chances for balance and renewal: one each season. The autumnal equinox brings with it a time of transition; this time is for quieting the senses, balancing the mind and body, and turning inward to prepare for a season of reflection that is the winter to come. Autumn is dry, cool, and airy or erratic. These principles align with the vata dosha, and why working to balance this dosha this season can bring a sense of calming peace to a busy time of year.

On the day of the autumnal equinox, the day is just as long as the night, bringing with it a sense of balance and equilibrium. The beauty of this seasonal energetic shift is that nature itself reminds us that balancing the light and dark in our own lives is an important way to stay grounded.

A routine is something our western culture often finds constraining, but in reality can be ultimately liberating. Establishing a consistent time for waking, eating, working, and resting gives a signal to the mind and body that all is well. The equinox is also ushering in the sign of Libra, whose symbol is the balanced scales (seeing a connection here?).

When working to balance the vata dosha, we think about warmth, oiliness and a grounded stability in our diets and daily routines. This is why dressing in layers is good to easily adapt to the changing weather, eating moisturizing, substantive foods (think warm, hearty soups), and setting aside daily time for quiet or meditation help keep the vata dosha in check.


Our minds and bodies, like the earth, see this season as a time of winding down. By taking the time to have an honest, clear-eyed look at our lives, we can better prepare ourselves for the uncertainties that life will surely fling at us. By knowing where we’ve been, we can look to the future with a clear heart and mind, ready to accept whatever the universe places before us. If slowing down is hard for you (as it is for many people in the fast-paced world we live in), know that the uncomfortable tasks of quieting, listening and slowing down is part of what your mind and body is craving, especially at this time of year.

If you have a regular meditation practice, perhaps this is the time to begin exploring longer sitting sessions. If you are new to meditation, be open to the practice and don’t be afraid to try different techniques until you find something that feels right – a practice that you can keep up consistently.

Working to balance the vata dosha during the autumnal equinox aligns so well with the e3 Energy Evolved approach to thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic healing. In our results-based online clinical program, e3 Restore, we advise and mentor on our e3 Energy Evolved System teachings of “extreme rest” as a key element within the second part of our 3-part energy system, your “Energy In”, to unravel dis-ease and create the space for the body to hasten its self-healing capacity.

The balancing work of the fall season sets us up well to manifest everything that we’ve been wanting. It is a good time to set some goals. Small ones that are attainable quickly will help keep you motivated to work on long-term goals that will sustain you through the winter months ahead. Look inward, receive the balanced clarity that Mother Earth is providing and know that the universe is supporting you and wants you to succeed.

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