How Hashimoto’s forever changed my Mother’s Day

When we start accepting what we “feel” (gut) as primary truth, over what we “think” (brain) as secondary – intuition over mind – we heal. 

It was my spiritual & energetic intuition, Nutrition, Psychology and Exercise Physiology education, athletic experience & capabilities that saved my life. Countless doctors, ND’s & natural practitioners almost ended my life in my early 30s with their “guesswork” approaches that they mistakenly perceived as “treatment” that put me in advanced chronic fatigue, Hashimoto’s, and Autoimmune disease.

Not a day of our lives goes by that we ever get to forget what their errors in approach and ability to understand how the body heals cost us…

 Financially gutted, lifetime relationships wiped away, lost jobs, foreclosure on our house, years behind on our taxes, lost time seeing family for years, the biggest loss – not being able to have children and become parents in our 30s. Not being able to know what it feels like to experience your own child because their errors snuff out a decade of your key pregnancy years from age 34 on battling chronic illness, and the costs of what it takes to repair your health & finances from their errors after. 

A week ago, I tucked my 10 year old niece into bed during a visit with our family back East, closed the door and began sobbing because I will never know what it feels like to do that with my own daughter, thanks to the gross failures of natural medicine and traditional medicine worlds.

Eleven years after my victorious recovery, I never get a day or a holiday that I’m not reminded of my autoimmune disease, and the painful loss they cost us, …things we can NEVER get back because of the TIME & money it took to repair the vast costs of healing need their “guesswork” vs. strategic treatment created in me.

This is the “dark side” and priceless loss of the lack of capabilities in the traditional medicine and natural medicine communities, and their inability to produce complete healing outcomes for their patients – using revenue models to their business that force you to continually come to them over and over – vs. actually freeing you completely from your dis-ease so you don’t need to see them ever again (like our team!).

And for the rest of our days, as successful practitioners and human souls who suffered greatly at their hands, we will NEVER be SILENT about it.

If you are suffering with any fatigue or autoimmune imbalances, it’s critical that you understand the fullness of what you risk handing your priceless life, health & human body over to ill-equipped resources who implement “guesswork” instead of a proven strategy to Whole-Healing Resultsᵀᴹ in measurable timeframes demonstrating repeatable patient outcomes.

Contact our team for more information or book a Functional Health Assessment for an e3 Energy Evolved Evaluation with our Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Energy Medicine & Energy Psychology team with expertise and proven results in advanced autoimmune healing.

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