Why You Shouldn’t Buy Into the Propaganda of Alkaline Water

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Into the Propaganda of Alkaline Water

For several years now, many in the health field have been pushing the idea of alkalinity into millions of homes.

Absolutely, there are many benefits to keeping your body somewhat alkaline, like increased energy, decreased risk of disease, improved bone and tissue health, killing candida (yeast), improved digestion and better mental acuity. And the chances are, your body is more acidic than what your saliva, urine or blood pH test kits are telling you. In most cases, your body’s cells are overly-acidic.

Some experts (“Dr. Google” included) may recommend you drink alkaline water, the rationale being that it will increase your body’s pH, thus making it more alkaline. However, many of the methods being advised sound good in theory, but are potentially very harmful to your health and vitality.

Don’t buy into the propaganda. Most “alkaline” water may make you feel better or give you more energy at first, or reduce some aches and pains, tricking you into thinking you’re becoming healthier, but this is generally not the case.

There are a few methods used to make water more alkaline. Alkaline water machines are among the worst. They typically take dirty tap water and run it over platinum and titanium plates, creating an ion exchange which raises the pH. These metals are extremely toxic, both of which leach into the water that you’re ingesting. Though it may make you feel better in the immediate, over time, these toxic substances will do the exact opposite and lower your cellular pH, causing more harm than good.

Another method is using reverse osmosis water systems, which remove many of the minerals, but not other impurities and toxins like fluoride and parasites, and add in some coral calcium to create that alkaline effect. Coming from the ocean, coral calcium contains many toxic metals, which easily penetrate the body’s tissue, including the brain. We’ll talk about mercury’s impact on the brain at another time.

Most designer waters are not much better and definitely not worth the cost. Most are just carbon filtered water with cheap minerals added to them, which in the long run, can actually deplete your body of the minerals they’re claiming to replenish, pushing you into a further acidic state.

I’ve seen many “experts” suggesting increasing fruit consumption to increase one’s pH because it’s somewhat alkaline in its reaction in the body. However, fruit can actually have the opposite effect when ingested for a couple reasons. First, because of hybridization and/or genetic modification, most fruit contains an unbalanced mineral content and is high in sugar, both of which create acidity on a cellular level. Also, fruit feeds candida, which gives off a very acidic and toxic byproduct.

In contrast, there are several things many experts recommend against that can actually increase the pH of your cells. Distilled water, for example, is slightly acidic, but can be very alkalizing when drank by removing many acidic toxic metals and chemicals from your body. I don’t recommend drinking distilled water for more than a few months as it can eventually remove some essential minerals as well, throwing you out of balance.

Animal meat is another example of a food that is said to be “acid forming” but can have the exact opposite effect on your body as it contains many essential nutrients and can potentially improve your oxidation rate, thus helping to alkalinize your body in many cases.

I do agree that eating a diet high in most veggies will do wonders to keep your pH slightly elevated due to their high mineral and low sugar content, but balancing it with some quality animal meats like lamb, bison and organic chicken and beef.

Spring water is also excellent because as it flows over rocks of the earth, it picks up many essential, naturally forming minerals, which help to increase its pH, and typically has the perfect pH for drinking water of about 8-8.5.

Everybody is different, and depending on your current health situation, recommendations may vary, according to your body’s chemistry at this given moment. Be careful of anything you read on the internet, as in many cases, it may not be the right thing for you and your health.

Author: Damian D. Dubé, FDN, NASM CES; BS, Exercise Physiology and Fitness Management is a Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner,  former NPC Bodybuilding Competitor & Contributing Expert Magazine Writer with 24 years experience, and Co-Founder of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System.


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