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The stories we tell ourselves become our truth

Sometimes if we tell ourselves the same story long enough we begin to believe it as our ‘truth’.

“I can’t”, “I don’t have enough/I am not enough to achieve that”, “It’s too hard”, “they can do that, but that’s not possible for me”, “that scares me to death”, “I am sick (broken)”, “I’m too old now, it’s too late for me to start”, “no one else is doing that, so I probably shouldn’t venture on my own, better to stay with the crowd of mediocrity”….

But, the only story that’s #truth, is the one the universe is trying to teach us about ourselves…. how loved & supported we truly are & how empowered we are as spiritual beings to create everything we desire for ourselves as we journey through a physical life. Yes, that’s the truth!

To your best “self” this year. <3

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