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What an intense last few weeks. I am blessed to have assembled an amazing creative team that has been helping me to co-create our new upcoming e3 Energy Evolved website. This is a creation that’s been on my heart to bring to life for you for a year.Damian Dube, Heather Dube, e3 Energy Evolved

You may or may not know that in my “BH-life” (Before Hashimoto’s) I worked as a Marketing, Branding & Events Programs Manager in a creative agency leading creative direction on creative teams for my client to bring their brand visions to life, and my client was the largest US grocery store in the agri-biz handling their in-store consumer nutrition education programs nationally.

I still love creating art. Today, I just bring to life different creations – gifts from our hearts to help you resolve thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic imbalance drug-free, and creating renewed mind, body and spirit experiences for our e3 Restore Members.

Some of what we’re going to be sharing with the world for the first time on our new website was created 5 years ago already! So amazing we’ve been at our e3 Energy Evolved mission development to share online thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic healing drug-free recovery online this long. It speaks to how much we need to be willing to commit to greater goals in our lives to truly see them through, whether it’s our health or our purpose in this world.

Here are a few new features you can expect when our new website goes live in a few weeks…

  • Fully responsive mobile website.. you can now visit our entire website on any mobile device – we’re coming out of the dark ages ;-)
  • Easy to navigate & refreshed blog articles
  • A crystal clear understanding of who we are, what our team stands for, who our team serves, what support we offer in different ways, how it’s different, and why you’re here
  • A first look into our professional backgrounds, our unique e3 Restore program, who we are personally & why that should matter to you as you’re learning from us
  • New content added weekly

Shortly after our live launch you can also expect…

  • a new shopping cart with a TON more of our suggested thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic healing resources that we use personally
  • a brand new free gift we’re creating for you
  • a new resources section
  • education resources on our proprietary e3 Energy Evolved System

But most importantly, you can expect a beautiful & joyful experience. Why? …because, call our team crazy, but we feel healing should feel good in our hearts, supported, happy & fun, instead of miserable, scary, exhaustive and alone.

So if that resonates for you – stick around as we put the finishes touches on our new site for you! You’re going to love it as much as we do! We can’t wait to share it with you!

In restoration,


Heather Dubé
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