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I AM love

Love 💗💗💗 ..

It’s not something we can claim with our mind, or our words, with concepts or thoughts, or blogs or posts,

It is not something we can inauthentically feign,

It’s a vibration, …an energy we become,

Those who ARE it, and IN it, KNOW (feel) its truth.

And, when we are in the soulful presence of beings that truly embody love, it magnifies, ..the field expands potently, repelling anything that is not true, or loving because it’s not a vibrational match.

After 45 years, and an autoimmune disease healing awakening at 34 yrs old, I realized love is why I came here.

To return to love, and lovingly lead others to do the same, healing wholly.

For a long time I sought it, with everything I had in me,

And, as I began to become it, I sought like-souls to celebrate the joy of love with me,

At first, I was led to the wrong places, the wrong people, the wrong groups, (intentionally, so I could expand)

Souls that didn’t understand, souls that are still in the mind, the ego, souls that are still lost, unhealed,

In those worlds, energy is a target…

A warrior, I was attacked by egoic narcissists, younger souls that shrink in the bright light of loving empaths,

So I sought out solo and went to work deeper then ever before, within my own soul, and when I stopped trying so hard to find them, they found me,

I called in other like-souls humbly, Godly, & quietly BECOMING love.

That’s how love as an energy works, as we come home to our soul, we come home to our soul family. Like draws like.

Grateful for loving tribe that remind me, I am not only worthy of giving & receiving loving support, … I AM love.

And, so it is. 🙏⚡️🥰

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