Thanks for your interest in our online e3 Energy Evolved Online Lab-Based Diagnostic | Functional Nutrition Membership Programs for thyroid, adrenal & metabolism restoration.

We serve women and { a few brave men! } across the globe restoring their health quality through our custom { bio-individualized } restoration programs that improve chronic health concerns naturally, reverse metabolic damage & end weight loss resistance.

Our e3 Energy Evolved Diagnostic Nutrition & Metabolic Lab Testing Members are in 4 countries and are growing globally. We would love to welcome you to become the next member of our Re-ENERGIZED & Re-DEFINED e3 Energy Evolved movement restoring your health & metabolism naturally.

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If you’re interested in working with our team and have questions about the uniquely powerful & comprehensive form of diagnostic nutrition and restoration programming we offer, which you can do right from your very own home, visit our FAQ page for more answers to common questions.

Because We've Been There
We’re a passionate husband & wife team in our early 40’s with a lifetime of human body experiences, including a lot of success at healing naturally.BeforeAfter_MD_thyroidadrenalAI_v6a

We care because we’ve actually suffered through our own extensive battle with a life-threatening episode of combined Hashimoto’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto immune illness, candida, and toxicity & learned how to regenerate healthy function in the body naturally.

And, not only were we able to heal my body naturally drug & synthroid-free, after healing my thyroid and auto immune illness, I returned to compete as a natural national level NPC figure athlete to achieve the best conditioning of my my life in my late 30’s post-thyroid illness. I became a better natural athlete by learning how to integrate the best practices we use to restore function systemically in my body into my training so I could do advanced natural fat loss as a figure athlete competing with the best in the world who typically rely on performance-enhancing synthetics in order to get lean and conditioned at that level of competition.

Those 4-5 years were life-changing for us, and we felt it was our responsibility to obtain more education & create a mission to pay the human body wellness, metabolism and fat loss truths & success we discovered forward to other middle-age women like myself.

We genuinely want to help you get to a place of peace and balance with your body, by helping you learn how your unique body works & what your unique body needs. Being lean isn’t about constant dieting, constant working out, or abusing your body in anyway, and actually your best metabolism begins inside by restoring your internal wellness first through addressing your digestive, immune and endocrine function.

Combined, we share over 46 years of experience, mentorships and education doing a whole lot of cool, interesting human body & nutrition things.

We geek out over nutrition, metabolism and natural healing like most people geek out over Pinterest or Instagram– but, don’t worry, we won’t bore you with science!

No, we’re not “paleo”, we’re not “whole foods”, we’re e3 Energy Evolved, a system of lifestyle & nutrition best practices we’ve created after seeing what works undeniably in the human body for natural restoration and optimal metabolism through years of practice, experience & education.

Everything we teach others, we live with deep integrity in our own lives. Ask any of our clients.

Yes, we choose to live naturally lean at 41 & 40 years old not because we give two { %$#&@! } about “being ripped” or overly focused on looks, but because we desire to be an example of how naturally well, balanced & empowered the journey in our bodies can be, if we first care about the INSIDE vs. the outside.

e3ee Member Programs

All e3 Energy Evolved™ products & programs are part of our e3 Energy Evolved™ System, our exclusive creation & approach to natural health & metabolism restoration.

They blend all of our natural health, nutrition & metabolism best practices & philosophies from the summary of our life’s work, including 46 years of natural healing success, nutrition & lifestyle practice, research, professional mentoring, natural athletic competition, industry work and education. Our e3 Energy Evolved™ System also touches on what we’ve found over many years of successful work are also the must-do mental & spiritual best practices of healing, because there is more to human body wellness & metabolism than just food & movement.

Click here to learn more about our exclusive e3 Energy Evolved™ System.


Our e3 Energy Evolved™ products & programs are therapeutic (clinical) & practitioner-grade in approach.

Our e3 Energy Evolved™ private distance Diagnostic Nutrition & Metabolic Lab Testing Membership Programs, which include our e3 Energy Evolved™ System, are medically supervised with a proven-results integrative health approach by a D.O. { Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine }.

Our programs combine our personal success at healing Heather’s own compounded & extensive Hashimoto’s Disease { hypothyroid }, chronic fatigue syndrome, candida, auto immune illness & toxicity naturally in her early thirties 8 years ago without using synthetic hormones like synthroid (or, amour thyroid), with our professional education & practice in functional nutrition, diagnostic nutrition & metabolic lab testing. Our clinical lab testing is medically happens conveniently right from your own home.

Our team’s professional nutrition education includes:

  • Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts
  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
  • Registered Dietician Curriculum
  • Precision Nutrition

Our e3 Energy Evolved Board Advisor, Dr. John Berardi, PhD in Nutrition & Founder, Precision Nutrition is also a professional mentor to our team. You can click here to review our full education credentials & professional background.

If you’re ready to learn more about our e3 Energy Evolved Diagnostic Nutrition & Metabolic Lab Testing Membership Programsschedule your { free } diagnostic nutrition and health assessment + practitioner phone consultation.

Our membership programs and recommendations are individualized to every member’s specific health concerns.

Our programs are NOT generalized approaches, and our programs are also NOT for everyone.

Our programs are only for those ready for life-changing, comprehensive & powerful shifts in multiple body systems that determine our health quality & resting metabolism.

Our programs are the LAST nutrition “program” you’ll ever be on.

If you’ve been on all the “programs”, they’ve done nothing for you, but leave you feeling frustrated  & still in the dark about nutrition, and you are back at square one after you stop, then our programs ARE for YOU.

If you’re fed up with constantly being on a diet, program, or following every new food & fitness trend that pops up from Whole Foods, to Juicing, to Green shakes, to Paleo, to Raw foods, to Gluten-free, but you’re still not losing weight or conquering your health symptoms, and despite the benefits you still have no idea how to make sense of all the nutrition trends through the actual science of human body function for YOUR UNIQUE BODY, then our programs ARE for YOU.

If you’re working out five to six days per week, a high intensity exercise fiend, be it Crossfit, hours of cardio, high intensity interval training {HIIT}, high endurance events like cycling or marathons, and you eat healthy regularly, but recently you don’t seem to have the same energy to train, you don’t recover from your workouts or injuries the same, and your activity level and nutrition is no longer keeping the weight off or getting the job done, then our programs ARE for YOU.

If you have a number of frustrating symptoms and you’ve gone to what feels like every doctor, naturopath, chiropractor, other natural practitioners, you’ve been maybe given a few things that perked you up a bit, but you still don’t feel fully “right” or restored, & your health concerns still persist – be it, thyroid, adrenal, fatigue, digestion, bloating, allergies, skin, sleep, hormonal, weight loss, mood, energy & other symptoms – then our programs ARE for YOU.

Click HERE to schedule your { free } diagnostic nutrition and health assessment + practitioner phone consultation with our team.

Here are just some of our e3 Energy Evolved members from around the world, sharing their own stories of Re-DEFINED results working with us.

Linda Gotzon | 52 year old female from PA, ate healthy & did Crossfit, yet struggled with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, auto immune illness & chronic fatigue

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Scott & Diane Nishwitz | Early 40’s Family from NV, ate healthy, exercised regularly & did endurance fitness events, yet family struggling with fatigue, chronic skin conditions, joint pain, food allergies, anemia, sleep & digestive concerns

Screen shot 2014-08-04 at 9.11.39 AM


Due to the variety of industry projects we work on throughout the year, we have limited availability to welcome new e3 Energy Evolved Lab-Based Functional Nutrition Members each month.

Memberships are offered to guests that apply for membership by requesting & completing a complimentary first-time guest assessment and phone consultation with us. Our consultation process allows us to review your current health history and concerns in deep detail, help you uncover your wellness and metabolism opportunities that are currently being missed, and determine if you’re a good fit for our private e3 Energy Evolved lab-based functional nutrition programs.

Not everyone is a good fit for this unique type of work, and we are unable to offer membership to everyone who applies for enrollment into our membership programs. If you’re interested in obtaining distance support and learning more about our private e3 Energy Evolved lab-based functional nutrition programs to see if they would be a good fit for your own thyroid, adrenal, and metabolism restoration, use our scheduling calendar below to book your first-time guest only assessment & phone consultation.


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