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We often hear from active, fit, driven or successful women in their 30’s-60’s+ who experience a period of concerning and limiting fatigue, thyroid problems, and weight loss resistance, and nothing they do or try gets them complete natural healing and fat loss results to reverse their health and weight symptoms.

We have a proprietary methodology called “The e3 Energy Evolved System” that restores optimal thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic function naturally with zero fitness in weeks to months from anywhere in the world, so women can heal their energy, weight, hormones, digestion, sleep, mood, skin, hair, thyroid and autoimmune health cost & time efficiently while resting in the comfort of their own home, to restore peace in their body and joy in their life.

We’ve Been There – Let Us Significantly Shorten Your Healing Path & Costs

We’re a passionate husband & wife team in our early 40’s with a lifetime of human body experiences, including a lot of success at healing naturally.

We care because we’ve actually suffered through our own extensive battle with a life-threatening episode of combined Hashimoto’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto immune illness, candida, and toxicity & learned how to regenerate healthy function in the body naturally.heather-v7

And, not only were we able to heal my body naturally drug & synthroid-free, after healing my thyroid and auto immune illness, I returned to compete as a natural national level NPC figure athlete to achieve the best conditioning of my my life in my late 30’s post-thyroid illness. I became a better natural athlete by learning how to integrate the best practices we use to restore function systemically in my body into my training so I could do advanced natural fat loss as a figure athlete competing with the best in the world who typically rely on performance-enhancing synthetics in order to get lean and conditioned at that level of competition.

Those 4-5 years were life-changing for us, and we felt it was our responsibility to obtain more education & create a mission to pay the human body wellness, metabolism and fat loss truths & success we discovered forward to other middle-age women like myself.

We genuinely want to help you get to a place of peace and balance with your body, by helping you learn how your unique body works & what your unique body needs. Being lean isn’t about constant dieting, constant working out, or abusing your body in anyway, and actually your best metabolism begins inside by restoring your internal wellness first through addressing your digestive, immune and endocrine function.

Combined, we share over 46 years of experience, mentorships and education doing a whole lot of cool, interesting human body & nutrition things.

We geek out over nutrition, metabolism and natural healing like most people geek out over Pinterest or Instagram– but, don’t worry, we won’t bore you with science!

No, we’re not “paleo”, we’re not “whole foods”, we’re e3 Energy Evolved, a system of lifestyle & nutrition best practices we’ve created after seeing what works undeniably in the human body for natural restoration and optimal metabolism through years of practice, experience & education.

Everything we teach others, we live with deep integrity in our own lives. Ask any of our clients.

Yes, we choose to live naturally lean at 41 & 40 years old not because we give two { %$#&@! } about “being ripped” or overly focused on looks, but because we desire to be an example of how naturally well, balanced & empowered the journey in our bodies can be, if we first care about the INSIDE vs. the outside.

Our Proprietary Methodology – The e3 Energy Evolved System

The-e3-Energy-Evolved_System-InfoGraphic_2015-large_FINALAll e3 Energy Evolved™ programs are based on our e3 Energy Evolved™ System, our unique approach to bio-individualized natural health & metabolism restoration.

They blend all of our natural health, nutrition & metabolism best practices & philosophies from the summary of our life’s work, including 46 years of natural healing success, nutrition & lifestyle practice, research, professional mentoring, natural athletic competition, industry work and education.

Our e3 Energy Evolved™ System also touches on what we’ve found over many years of successful work are also the must-do mental & spiritual best practices of healing, because there is more to human body wellness & metabolism than just food & movement.

Click here to learn more about our exclusive e3 Energy Evolved™ System.

Our e3 Energy Evolved™ products & programs are therapeutic (clinical) & practitioner-grade in approach.

Our e3 Energy Evolved™ private distance Diagnostic Nutrition & Metabolic Lab Testing Membership Programs, which include our e3 Energy Evolved™ System, are medically supervised with a proven-results integrative health approach by a D.O. { Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine }.

Our programs combine our personal success at healing Heather’s own compounded & extensive Hashimoto’s Disease { hypothyroid }, chronic fatigue syndrome, candida, auto immune illness & toxicity naturally in her early thirties 8 years ago without using synthetic hormones like synthroid (or, amour thyroid), with our professional education & practice in functional nutrition, diagnostic nutrition & metabolic lab testing. Our clinical lab testing is medically happens conveniently right from your own home.

Our team’s professional nutrition education includes:

  • The Academy of Functional Medicine & Genomics
  • Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts
  • The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition
  • Registered Dietician Curriculum
  • Precision Nutrition

Our e3 Energy Evolved Board Advisor, Dr. John Berardi, PhD in Nutrition & Founder, Precision Nutrition is also a professional mentor to our team. You can click here to review our full education credentials & professional background.

If you’re concerned that you haven’t found enough resolve yet in your wellness & metabolism imbalances with your current practitioner support, and you’re ready to learn more about our e3 Energy Evolved Re-DEFINE Your Wellness & Metabolism Distance Membership Programs,  contact us here to request scheduling a Functional Nutrition & Metabolic Restoration Consultation + Labs Review with our Diagnostic & Functional Nutritionist Mind-Body Practitioner team.

Is The e3 Restore Program For Me?

  • If you’re interested in the fastest path to life-changing transformative natural health and metabolism restoration without fitness or exercise while resting & saving significant money and time in the comfort of your own home…
  • If you’re tired of not feeling “fully alive” & no longer interested in living your life in a body physically and spiritually limited…
  • If the thought of living the rest of your life out forever sick and stuck on thyroid and other medications isn’t working for you…
  • If you’ve visited every doctor, functional medicine doctor, endocrinologist, naturpathic doctor and nutritionist under the sun, but are still struggling with symptoms and weight loss resistance…
  • If you consider yourself somewhat of a well-researched person on nutrition, you’ve done raw, gluten-free, paleo, food elimination, and every general nutrition program out there, but you still feel poorly, struggle to have what should be reasonable energy at your age, and have health symptoms…
  • If no matter how you eat or exercise, your weight won’t budge, or worse is increasing, and your body no longer responds (adapts) to what you apply to in in the way it used to before…
  • If you’re tired of sitting with doctors and feeling completely ignored, unheard and disregarded when you attempt to be the voice for your body…
  • If the thought of the years you’ve been attempting to heal yourself naturally, fix your weight, feel better, and the countless thousands of dollars you’ve dumped into this process, with little to show for it infuriates you, or worse, brings you to tears…
  • If you’re so exhausted by having to be your own self-healing advocate no matter all the “experts” you’ve been to…
  • If you’re ready to give up hope & stop fighting to take your body and your life back…

Then WELCOME – you’ve FINALLY arrived at the right place. 

Because from here forward, this is the most pivotal decision you’ll ever make in your lifetime, right here, right now – to either….

  1. end your endless “spinning” & standing in place once and for all, or…
  2. resign to believe & accept that the way you’re experiencing your body, mind and spirit now is your “forever reality”.

Those are the only two choices on your menu, and speaking from deep wisdom and someone who was also there once, those are the only two choices on the menu any of us will ever get.

We can’t choose for you, but we can share this, also from great experience and successful wisdom at healing my own thyroid & autoimmune disease medication-free and Synthroid-free BY CHOICE & mindset…

“Faith” is the ability to BELIEVE when it makes no sense to believe at all. 

And, when you choose to show up honoring your greatest gifts & blessings in life with this level of faith – your “human life” & your “human body” – believing in your deep gut, your “inner knowing”, that something still exists out there that is deeply transformational, that is incredibly & forever life-changing, that no one you’ve encountered yet has simply been able to show you how to walk the path on… but, you feel it in every cell of your being that there still has to be an answer, and you REFUSE to give up… because you BELIEVE that the truth of the human body you should be experiencing at any age is peace & joy in your body… then you are what we call a “seeker”… just like I was myself 8 years ago, and you will be rewarded for your level of faith.

In fact, that’s exactly why you’re here on our e3 Energy Evolved website, reading this right now. You are a truth seeker.

You will not go down quietly, you will not give up, and, you will not accept “status quo” health, no matter who says its “normal” or “just your age”. 

And, that was the same immeasurable level of faith I had 8 years ago, when I was confronted to make forever life-changing & deeply courageous decisions to save my life from very hard & frightening battle with my own thyroid and autoimmune disease, and below we share with you just a very few of our e3 Restore Members, and their lives forever changed after having exhausted countless doctors, natural practitioners, general nutrition programs, and nutritionists, who also were truth seekers & had the deep faith to step forward into our next-level bio-individualized e3 Restore Program to take their body & life back forever.

All of these courageous, faithful e3 Restore Members were led by our 2-practitioner team to be completely done with their health madness “story” they were once living, and forever renewed to a level of peaceful, thriving, (dare we say easy!) place of health and weight, physically and spiritually freed and restored to who they were always designed to be. In love with their life and in love with their body.





linda gotzon, success story, thyroid, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, anxiety, high cholesterol

Linda shares her moving story of transformational life-changing natural healing of her Thyroid Disease & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in her own words…



Our e3 Restore Programs are bio-individualized to every member’s specific health and metabolic imbalances.

That’s why they work quickly & powerfully in weeks to months saving our clients significant health, life, time & money.

Our programs are NOT generalized nutrition, wellness or mindset approaches.

Every single nutrient that goes into the bodies of our clients is hand-picked for what their unique body needs, and no one else’s body, and continually individualized over time to their bodies needs over time as their body responds to & changes during the implementation of their e3 Restore Program.

We do not hand our clients the same general food elimination diet & nutraceutical program (which is one of a number of reasons why so many people still lack thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic restoration results with their current leadership). Because the scientific truth of your human body is that your healing solution & answers lie inside you, and they are entirely unique to YOUR BODY, including your nutrition path to regenerating thriving health & metabolism.

Until you have the leadership of practitioners that have produced proven measurable functional & metabolic restoration results naturally in their own body personally, and the bodies of their clients professionally, you will risk remaining on the hamster wheel of countless doctors, guesswork, general programs, money and time out the door needlessly, preventing you from living the life you were put here to live.

Is it truly worth it? This is your life & your body we’re talking about.

The e3 Restore Program is the LAST program you will need to be on, and to the doorway to the rest of your life, done with your dis-ease and thriving.

Limited e3 Restore Program Enrollment Available Year-Round

Due to the highly bio-individualized & strategic nature of our labs management process, program development, mentoring and management, customized to each unique individuals natural healing needs throughout the design & implementation of their program in our two-practitioner Functional Nutrition & Mind-body Psychology Practitioner clinical online support model, our practitioner team only services 30 private e3 Restore Members online at all times year-round, and at certain busier times of the year we have an e3 Restore Member wait list.

With approximately 30 Million individuals now globally struggling and living needlessly with thyroid and autoimmune disease, fatigue-related conditions, and weight loss resistance, and being put on medications that do very little to resolve their internal functional and metabolic imbalances, there is a high need for this very unique for of clinical results-based programming and mentoring support.

The first step in applying for enrollment into our e3 Restore Program is to purchase and schedule a Functional Mind-body Consultation with our two practitioners specializing in diagnostic nutrition, functional medicine, functional nutrition, metabolism and mind-body psychology.

During your 1 hour 2-Practitioner Functional Mind-body Consultation we will successfully uncover many of your diagnostic, nutrition, wellness and metabolism opportunities still blocking you that we repeatedly find most doctors, natural practitioners and nutritionists are missing in the comprehensive blend of science and art to create optimal healing & reverse multiple forms of mind, body and spiritual stress, prohibiting you from making further progress.

Visit our FAQ page for common questions.

Complete the contact form to receive an invitation for our customer service team to schedule your Functional Mind-body Consultation.

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