The e3 Energy Evolved™ Story

A Personal Message From the Co-Founders of e3 Energy Evolved ™, Diagnostic & Functional Nutritionists Damian & Heather Dube’

Your life is based on the capacity of energy in you, not outside of you.-Unknown 

We are excited to share the launch of our newest creation with you: the e3 Energy Evolved™ system.

It is our mission to share the system we discovered to generate balanced health from the inside out & maximize metabolism, over 3 years of incredible health struggles we went through to naturally conquer life-threatening progressed metabolic dysfunction, auto immune disease & chronic / adrenal fatigue that I was severely stricken with in my early 30’s following a period of time of consistent chronic life stress with little to no recovery time.heather-v7

I lived in a human body prison from 2006-2008 in my early 30’s suffering with no accurate diagnosis from doctors; fighting adrenal/chronic fatigue, Hashimoto’s disease (thyroiditis), Lupus, candida, pancreas toxicity. It was painful, debilitating, and frightening.

My body became a shell of what it once was, completely out of control, my internal defense systems beginning to attack themselves as my body went into a state of chaos, from my digestive system, to my immune system, to my endocrine system and further still.

I had to leave my job to make natural healing my fulltime job to recreate my health and save my life. My days were riddled with “unexplained” health symptoms, weight gain, hair loss, no sex drive, dermatitis, mind fog, debilitating burning sensation of my eyes & neck, swelling of the face and eyelids completely shut, overwhelming exhaustion, bacterial infections.

Through fighting for answers, not accepting doctors misdiagnosis as truth, obtaining integrative health and holistic nutrition education for natural healing, self-research and application, obtaining assessments with practitioners that view the body integratively, and broad-sweeping lifestyle changes to our nutrition, energy use, and environment, we ultimately restored my metabolic health completely naturally, over a year and a half with no medications; not even synthroid.




What we discovered is that once you know what generates life, metabolic balance & energy proactively in the human body, you can create optimal health, fat loss & performance all through engaging the natural potential of all your natural metabolic energy systems, available to all of us! And the best part, these lifestyle skills are potentially life-changing and powerful for all forms of health imbalance, and typically improve all health issues naturally, because they power up our bodies natural fighting systems!

We were so amazed by our discoveries, it became an awakening for both Damian and I to a new level of health & body experience. We knew we had to leave behind everything we knew of our former lives and work, to make it our life’s work and mission to share these skills with the world & help end others struggles for a lifetime with needless health imbalances, weight battles, and metabolic damage.

Through e3 Energy Evolved™ we will be gifting you the solutions we discovered on our natural journey back from the edge of life, that not only returned my body to a state of optimal wellness & eliminated these health concerns, but rebalanced internal processes that effect human body function for improved recovery, fat loss, performance, digestion, sleep, healing & more.

Both over 40 years old, thru our e3 Energy Evolved™ system, Damian & I have now both reached a level of health with no imbalances at all by proactively managing & creating our energy. Every health issue we once had is now gone – from allergies, to athlete’s foot, to cold sores and lactose intolerance.

Just 2 years after that picture where I woke up looking and feeling horrifically exhausted, ill, and frightened everyday in my own body knowing I was fully out of control of my own body and it was breaking down inside, we had not only naturally rebuilt my body from the inside out with only nutrition, nutraceuticals, lifestyle and environmental change, and integrative support, but we brought it to its best conditioning of my lifetime in my late 30’s to return to athletics and reach competition at the US national level in the sport of women’s figure bodybuilding in the NPC, arguably the toughest athletic division in the sport.

This life changing journey has allowed us both to experience our bodies today naturally in a way, even as both competitive athletes before battling illness, we never knew existed!

Please read our Diagnostic & Functional Nutritionist educational articles on our blog for more learning about our e3 Energy Evolved lifestyle & philosophies.

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Years in the making, we gratefully share the gift of our e3 Energy Evolved™ system with you, in celebration of the human bodies power to recover from thyroid and autoimmune disease, be naturally lean & vibrant at any age with less fitness and force, and more ease and peace.

In restoration,

Diagnostic & Functional Nutritionists | Co-Founders of the e3 Energy Evolved™ System






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