As a professional athlete, Damian helped me maximize my potential both physically and nutritionally.

More importantly, now that I am retired from professional sports, Damian and e3 Energy Evolved’s cutting edge and comprehensive approach allows me to remain both physically and mentally competitive in business, and enjoy my everyday life with my family.

– David Fiore, Pro NFL Offensive Lineman | San Francisco 49’ers, NJ Jets, Washington Redskins


For the e3 Energy Evolved™ team to lead others in the health and fitness field is a no-brainer. Damian and Heather’s combined knowledge and passion have paved the way for tremendous success.

They’re equally excellent mentors and coaches to those interested in looking and feeling great.

          – Dr. John Berardi, PhD, CSCS & Founder Precision Nutrition




I have worked with e3 Energy Evolved on several occasions for industry expert body transformation nutrition peer review support of our home workout & nutrition dvd system product launches. Their credentials stand for themselves, but their service goes above and beyond. It is always a pleasure to work with them as they consistently deliver on time, are great with communication, and the work that is delivered is exactly what was asked for. 

    – Noel McDaniel, Marketing Director TapouT XT


e3 Energy Evolved‘s innovative integrative human body teachings are where the industry is headed to more effectively meet the current needs of fitness professionals & enthusiasts.

Their holistic approach to health, nutrition and performance far exceeds today’s fitness professional. e3 Energy Evolved™ is one to watch.

      – Joseph Grassadonia, Editor-In-Chief, OnFitness Magazine



The e3 Energy Evolved method to health and fitness goes far beyond the standard advice. Don’t look for simplistic models and one-size-fits-all protocols here.

They teach a system of health and body change that integrates individual metabolism with the latest approaches in integrative nutrition and the psychology of change. I know first hand that approach gets results.

       – Dr. Jade Teta, ND, CSCS & Founder Metabolic Effect



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I cannot think of anyone more committed to health than Damian and Heather; the real deal.

        – John Hnatyschak, IFBB Pro Judge & 1984 IFBB Mr. Universe




Damian and Heather’s rare passion for education and knowledge stems from a genuine care for helping others.

They’re compassionate, skilled and results-driven. You are in capable hands with the e3 Energy Evolved™ team for your support and guidance.

      – Briana Michel, Industry Fitness Expert, TV Host & Model





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