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Why This New Years Has Me Teary

Dear 2013, You have no idea how long we’ve waited for you....

31st Dec
This is my human body prison from 2006-2008 in my early 30's suffering with no accurate answers from doctors; fighting for my life from progress adrenal/chronic fatigue, Hashimoto's disease (thyroid imbalance), partial Lupus, candida, pancreas pesticide toxicity. It was painful, debilitating, and frightening. I had to leave my full time job to save my life. My days were "unexplained" health symptoms, weight gain, hair loss, no sex drive, dermatitis, mind fog, swelling, overwhelming exhaustion, bacterial infections & misread thyroid tests & blood-work. The integrative treatments, and broad-sweeping integrative lifestyle changes to nutrition, energy use, and lifestyle, we were able to restore metabolic function in my body naturally, with no medications.

Honoring the ebb and flow of the female body

Lets be honest, it’s not the same in a women’s body as...

22nd Dec

4 Ways You Are Not Helpless to Create Positive Change

People keep saying they are “helpless” to do anything after last week’s...

17th Dec

What Napping & Fat Loss Have In Common

Recovery (sleep, naps & rest activity) improves not just human body, but...

12th Dec

Less Fitness Means More Fat Loss

Aren’t we funny how we assume if we’re not getting the natural...

29th Nov

Sharing some Thanks-giving perspective

We don’t usually express personal sentiments on our E3 Energy Evolved website, but we...

22nd Nov

3 Steps To Build Better Body Intuition

As I turn 39 in a week or so, I find my...

17th Nov

Why you shouldn’t be going from competition to competition

Experiencing your best health and body also means growing and using your...

13th Nov

Why Natural Energy Is The Solution To Results

The process of learning to master your energy is critical to how...

12th Nov

Why You Should Stop Striving To Be “Fit”

One of the greatest gifts of human body learning we received from...

15th Oct

Why Your Energy In & Out Balance Matters

So, as I’ve been sharing with you all, the stress of some...

02nd Oct

The Secret Triggers Keeping You Fat And Sick

Toxicology… the study of adverse effects of chemicals on the human body...

27th Sep

[VIDEO] Creative Ways to Save on Organic Foods

So one thing we’re doing right now to really hunker down and...

26th Sep

How To Do Raw Foods for Optimal Fat Loss, Fitness & Energy

COPYRIGHT NOTICE:   This is an article written by Heather Dube’ for On...

20th Aug

3 Ways Calorie, Fat & Sugar-Free Foods Sabotage Your Best Health & Body

As a functional nutrition practitioner who competes as a natural women’s figure...

13th Aug