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Why You Should Throw Away Your Supplements

If you're new to our online natural thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic health...

25th Feb
thyroid, fatigue, chronic fatigue, thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, supplements, clinical nutrition, functional nutrition, functional medicine, natural health, hashimoto's disease, functional nutritionist

[VIDEO] Repurpose Your Nutrition & Fitness for Natural Fat Loss

Today, Team e3 Energy Evolved had the opportunity to share some of our unique...

15th Jan
Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 1.41.29 AM

Why You Need to Stop Listening To Everyone Talking About Adrenal Fatigue & Metabolic Damage

Honest moment rant about something that upsets us for others with the...

06th Jan
metabolic damage, metabolism, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, autoimmune illness, thyroid disease, hashimotos

Food Psychology: Energy Imbalance & Eating Disorders

I am a total goofball for food photography! I love this behind...

02nd Jan
energy, food energetics, eating disorders, bulimia, anorexia, food psychology, energy, food cravings

Why This New Years Has Me Teary

  Dear 2013, You have no idea how long we’ve waited for...

31st Dec
Heather Dubé, heatherdube, e3 Energy Evolved, self-love notes, self-love, Hashimoto's healer, Functional Nutritionist, Mind-body Psychology Practitioner, National Level Figure Athlete, hashimoto's disease, autoimmune illness, chronic fatigue syndrome

Honoring the ebb and flow of the female body

Lets be honest, it’s not the same in a women’s body as...

22nd Dec
women's health, female, hormones, menstrual cycle, flow, healthy period, amenorrhea

What Napping & Fat Loss Have In Common

Recovery (sleep, naps & rest activity) improves not just human body, but...

12th Dec
napping, sleep, fat loss, metabolism, resting metabolism, rest, metabolic recovery, metabolic damage, weight loss resistance

Less Fitness Means More Fat Loss

Aren’t we funny how we assume if we’re not getting the natural...

29th Nov
fitness, exercise, women's health, weight loss resistance, weight loss, weight loss resistant, fat loss resistant, fat loss, type A, stress, metabolism, autoimmune illness, thyroid disease, hashimotos

3 Steps To Build Better Body Intuition

As I turn 39 in a week or so, I find my...

17th Nov
mindset, mind-body, psychology, women's health, body, wellness

Why you shouldn’t be going from competition to competition

Experiencing your best health and body also means growing and using your...

13th Nov
fitness, athlete, fitness athlete, fitness competitor, competition, figure competition, bodybuilding, natural bodybuilding, figure competitor, figure competition, women's health, female fitness, metabolic damage, metabolism, metabolic health, adrenal fatigue, digestive health, weight loss resistance

Why You Should Stop Striving To Be “Fit”

One of the greatest gifts of human body learning we received from...

15th Oct
fitness, exercise, women's health, weight loss resistance, weight loss, weight loss resistant, fat loss resistant, fat loss, type A, stress, metabolism, autoimmune illness, thyroid disease, hashimotos

The Secret Triggers Keeping You Fat And Sick

Toxicology… the study of adverse effects of chemicals on the human body...

27th Sep
chemicals, chemical sensitivities, wellness, women's health, thyroid disease, autoimmune illness, hashimoto's disease, environmental stress, fat, fat loss, perfume, weight loss resistance

How To Do Raw Foods for Fat Loss, Fitness & Energy

COPYRIGHT NOTICE:   This is an article written by Heather Dube’ for On...

20th Aug
raw foods, raw foods nutrition, nutrition, functional nutritionist, fat loss, food energetics, energy, metabolism, metabolic health, weight loss, fitness, exercise physiology

3 Ways Calorie, Fat and Sugar-Free Foods Sabotage Your Best Health and Body

As a functional nutrition practitioner who competes as a natural women’s figure...

13th Aug
fat free foods, fat free, fat-free, calorie free, calorie-free, diet, wellness, weight loss, metabolism, metabolic health, sugar free, sugar-free, artificial sweetener, Splenda, nutrition, Functional Nutritionist

What You Need to Know About “Nutritionist” Titling in the Fitness Industry & Why

One of our E3 Energy Evolved TM company core values is education....

26th Jul
nutritionist, fitness, fitness industry, personal trainer, nutrition, nutrition education, nutrition professional, fitness professional, sports nutrition, functional nutrition