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Gratitude on My 6 Year Healing Anniversary from Hashimotos

May 1st was my 6 year anniversary in my turning point “back...

03rd May

Are My Thoughts Making Me Fatigued?

I spent 2010 to fall 2011 on a progressive nutrition, training, recovery...

04th Apr
Mental fatigue e3 Energy Evolved

Understanding food elimination diets & when you need one

When our bodies are out of balance internally & need our help...

07th Dec

Could metabolic damage costs lead to bankruptcy?

Dear SERIOUSLY misinformed bodybuilding industry, Being a coach or trainer with sports...

03rd Sep
The financial costs of Metabolic Damage_e3 Energy Evolved

Why you need to lose the word “deserve” from your vocabulary

Dear society, advertising campaigns, mass media, and evolving mental perspectives that are...

16th Aug

[VIDEO] 3 Glute & Leg Form Tips For Fat Loss

This exercise may look easy, but during a heavy legs session, TRX...

14th Aug

Not happy with your brain? Just make a new one

  This US ski team freestyle skier Jay Panther connected with me...

02nd Aug
e3 Energy Evolved Functional Neurology_Natural Neurological Healing

5 Types Of Professionals That Reverse Metabolic Damage

Is it just us, or does anyone us find it highly ironic...

14th Jun
Five Professionals That Reverse Metabolic Damage

[VIDEO] 4 Of The Best Butt Lifting Exercises

Just a few weeks ago we were happy to be invited to...

04th Jun

The real story is Superwoman is fat loss resistant and sick

I may take some heat for this one, but it needs to...

06th May
e3 Energy Evolved_Superwoman is Fat Loss Resistant & Sick

Are Your Life Choices Creating Vibrant Energy In Your Body?

There are more aspects to creating health energetically in the human body...

18th Apr
e3 Energy Evolved_Life Choices Vibrant Energy

Do You Know Your Bodies Fat Loss To Do List?

Not moving the needle on your weight loss?   Feel like you...

13th Mar
e3 Energy Evolved Your Bodies Fat Loss To Do List

Why You Should Throw Away Your Supplements

I just finished my working on my new article “Common Nutrient Deficiencies”...

25th Feb
Why You Should Throw Away Your Supplements

[VIDEO] Repurpose Your Nutrition & Fitness for Natural Health & Fat Loss

Today, Team e3 Energy Evolved had the opportunity to share some of our unique...

15th Jan
Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 1.41.29 AM

Before After Transformation

A visual before and after transformation example of natural fat loss and...

14th Jan