What is e3 Energy Evolved™?

e3 Energy Evolved™ is a metabolic health & functional nutrition education resource. It’s also a natural energy balancing lifestyle system we developed while learning to heal my metabolic damage & auto immune illness naturally that we found to improve natural health, fat loss & fitness.


Who can e3 Energy Evolved™ help?

We are a passionate, driven, professional team of Natural Metabolic Recovery & Conditioning Specialists delivering effective natural health, fat loss & fitness services to in person & distance clients, from busy moms to fitness goers to professional competitive athletes.


How do I know if e3 Energy Evolved™ is right for me?

We help you redefine your metabolism naturally through energy, nutrient, and environmental strategies to end health & weight struggle, rebalance health, & change your body.


I’ve tried everything, nothing has worked. Isn’t it my genetics, age, a failed metabolism, or maybe I just have to live with this condition?

It’s not you & no, you’re not crazy… it’s just that your bodies metabolism needs to be “reset”.

Once we cue your body to instruct it how we want it to reprogram how it uses and produces your natural energy more effectively, your body will release fat stores, recharge its energy, restore proper function, & perform at its optimal metabolic capacity naturally, as it’s built to do.

Any body, at any age is capable of change in the form of fat loss & natural healing through regeneration.


I don’t live in Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Can I work with you online?

Yes! Absolutely, all our custom services provided in person are also offered through distance client support, including metabolic testing, practitioner-grade therapeutic nutraceutical & nutrition planning, holistic health consulting, and metabolic conditioning fitness support.


Do you have experience with naturally reversing metabolic damage & energy imbalance?

Sure do. In fact, we were able to naturally heal our own battery of metabolic damage & systemic auto immune illness issues completely drug-free (not even Armour Thyroid or Synthroid), including Hashimoto’s Disease, Adrenal Fatigue / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Pancreas toxicity, Candida, and a partial Lupus diagnosis, which is how we developed our unique e3 Energy Evolved system.

If you’re experiencing strange health symptoms – low energy, weight gain or lack of weight loss, suppressed mood or sex drive, hair loss, brain fog, digestive or sleep imbalance, recurrent bacterial or fungal infections, congestion, joint or internal pain, allergies, skin symptoms – you could have metabolic damage and suppressed immune health.

A comprehensive energy, nutrient & environment lifestyle program made-for-you can naturally hasten your health and energy recovery. We also have experience creating lifestyle programs that naturally improve neurological symptoms, candida, digestive health, allergies, food sensitivities, chronic skin conditions, and pre & post injury or surgery recovery.


I’ve never used this form of support. How can I feel comfortable trying it?

e3 Energy Evolvedhas a company advisory team of the most definitive natural health and body transformation professionals, who currently educate the fitness professional industry on advanced body change nutrition & fitness, and consult professional athletic leagues including the NFL, NHL, PGA & Olympic committee.

Our team has over 45 years experience and education combined, and over the years we have mentored with the top coaches in the industry. We are unique in that we combine best practices in integrative health and fat loss to provide the safest & most effective results, ensuring you won’t leave our programs with further injury or imbalance, which is sadly common due to many outdated and/or generalized programs being shared throughout the industry that lack current science and integrative health protocols.

We are regularly featured industry expert contributors & writers for today’s best on and offline natural health, fat loss, & wellness lifestyle publications that educate fitness professionals & fitness goers on emerging health, nutrition & fitness approach, including Experience Life magazine, OnFitness magazine, Men’s Fitness magazine, and Livestrong. And top industry professionals and certifying bodies personally endorse our work with praise.

Most importantly, we walk our talk with integrity. Everything our team teaches, we live, eat & breathe ourselves 365 days per year.


Can’t I just get the same results myself with online research, forums, and books?

If you have another 45 years, 100’s of thousands of dollars, & the desire to return for further education and advanced degrees to replicate our path, go for it!

Quite simply, while we encourage all forms of learning, this is a failed mindset that keeps you stuck for years from just going straight to the solutions, which would save you significant time & money if you just relinquished the job to experts.

We hand you our lifestyle in our products and programs – a lifestyle developed through 45 years of trial and error, practice and implementation, immeasurable product testing, self-study and research, cross-industry education and employment, national level athletic competition, and extensive natural healing triumphs, which would take another 45 years to learn on your own with no guarantees of accuracy.

Allow us to shorten the process and take you straight to the most current & effective natural health, fat loss & fitness solutions of today.

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