Results-Driven Thyroid & Metabolism Restoration

  • Are you in a constant “war” with your body?
  • Have you had an exhaustive amount of labs, seen numerous doctors & natural practitioners, but no one has offered you comprehensive individualized programming & nutrition leadership to powerfully restore your health & metabolism?
  • Are you lacking physical measurable results in return for the money, time and energy you’ve invested seeking solutions?
  • Are you willing to “do whatever it takes”, but no professional has provided you yet with a clear, strategic, comprehensive individualized MAP that moves your body through change intentionally over time from chaos to controlled balance?
  • Are you secretly doubting your practitioner because you lack results? Have you stopped putting in the effort since you’re not seeing the results you feel you should be happening?
  • Has no doctor or practitioner been able to advise you properly on the importance of “holistic metabolic stress” including your fitness, nutrition, lifestyle & mindset, to successfully & completely restore healthy function & resting metabolism for you?

Then you’re in the right place.

We can STOP your spinning in “costly endless circles” NOW.

We regularly intake online e3 Restore Members from around the world who have been to doctor after doctor, natural practitioner after natural practitioner, some of the course of 10-15 years or more, some for their lifetime with limited to no resolve, and they experience life-changing permanent restoration in our Online e3 Restore Program in just weeks to begin.

Our professional programs include the team of two practitioners who team up to support each of our individual members to success – a Diagnostic Nutritionist and a Functional Nutritionist + Mind-Body Psychology Coach – producing life-changing human body change for our e3 Restore Members quickly & effectively often right out of the gate in just the first few weeks of their program.

We do this intentionally so that:

  1. Our clients see the return they deserve quickly for their investment so they feel confident in their leadership & feel better mentally, physically & emotionally quickly enough to remain committed to their custom program.
  2. So that our clients no longer need our leadership once their program is complete. We’ve successfully uncovered all their root cause imbalances, corrected them & trained them on how to avoid the same situation from occurring again so they become self-sufficient in managing their own wellness naturally vs. the mainstream natural practitioner model which applies natural supplements, medications, bio-identical hormones, & hormone creams for the patient that simply plugs symptoms, but never resolves the root cause imbalances, which us why you’re still struggling with symptoms, feeling poorly, and continued weight gain. 


Online Programs That Change Your Life Forever

All our life-changing professional clinical nutrition & wellness programs are executed online for our members. Our expert team has changed the lives of 100’s of members online, changing their thyroid, autoimmune & metabolic health naturally.

We are a virtual-clinic offering bio-individualized diagnostics & programs management artfully blending science, psychology and spirituality to serve each of our members unique restoration needs, meeting them gently & effectively where they’re at on their journey and taking them through restoration naturally over time. We do not take in-person appointments.

Much like high-level competitive athletes who work with globally sought-after Pro & Olympic Coaches around the world distance-based for top results and transformation in their body, we can successfully take you, whether a nutrition beginner or a nutrition pro, through your results-driven custom program in order to change your thyroid, autoimmune & metabolic healthy, without needing to be in person.

All our featured case studies are of our Online e3 Restore Program Graduates. 

It’s a common mainstream misconception that you have to be in person to achieve transformation in the human body, that limits you from receiving change and keeps you needlessly struggling in your body, and wasting significant time and money.

Your leadership should be based on the physical measurable results they’ve produced, their strategy, capabilities, body of work, and education, in that order. In person or not has nothing to do with your results.

In fact, all your in person efforts have failed you.

And, cost you time and money, or you wouldn’t be here.

Executing our leadership e3 Restore Programs online allows our team to make ourselves available to people all over the world struggling needlessly with thyroid, autoimmune and metabolic imbalances and illness who don’t have access to these unique forms of natural transformative support or results locally or regionally.


Professional Courtesy & Program Pre-Qualifications

If you’re interested in learning more about receiving a professional consultation to apply for enrollment into our limited availability Online e3 Restore Programs, please review the our program pre-qualifications below before contacting our company to determine if we are a good fit to work together first.

If you don’t meet our program pre-qualifications below to be considered for enrollment, we can still be friends. We’d encourage you to check out our gifts & other life-changing thyroid & metabolism products, but our private programs are likely not a good fit for you.

It’s best to get this out-of-the-way upfront to avoid wasting your time & ours, so we focus our limited e3 Restore Program availability year-round on those we can truly serve to life-changing thyroid, autoimmune & metabolism restoration.

e3 Restore Program Pre-Qualifications to Apply for Enrollment

  1. When you contact your doctor or practitioner for assistance, you schedule an appointment with them to assess and consult you & you pay for their professional time. The same is true for our company. In order to receive Functional Nutritionist assessment & advisement from our team, you first need to book a consultation at our professional hourly billable rate. We offer first-time guests only a limited time opportunity to apply your consultation investment to a program if invited to enroll.
  2. We do not take insurance; we are a self-pay model. We have found that transformational wellness is only possible when we accept complete personal responsibility for our bodies, and this looks like willingness to invest in ourselves.
  3. All our programs are bio-individual combining science, psychology and spirituality. They’re custom-made for you based on our strategic lab approach. We cannot estimate how much time or money it will take to restore your health until we run your labs. Our consultation process doesn’t include labs, but allows us to clinically assess your health & provide a general estimate. Purchase a consultation to obtain our professional opinion on the work necessary to change your outcomes.
  4. Our programs are for you if you recognize your journey with your body is unique & to resolve your health you’re going to need to individualize your approach, and that nothing in life matters more than your health. If the time, money, energy, health & life you’ve LOST unwell & WILL KEEP LOSING is a bigger concern to you than your investment to fix the priceless loss you’re experiencing forever, great! – our programs are a good fit for you. If the investment is your focus over your health, not a good fit.
  5. Check your victim mentality, fear-based, negative mindset at the door. If you’re playing victim, which shows up in mindset or behavior like leading with your money challenges, asking for free help or discounts, putting your burdens on others, leading with problems vs. valuing solutions, over attaching to illness, focusing on what you can’t vs. can do, over thinking, over controlling , or over worrying, you will always struggle to be well. If this is how you’re choosing to show up in your process, our programs aren’t a good fit for you.
  6. Do not direct your anger or frustration at our company staff for your personal health situation. While we have deep empathy for your suffering through thyroid & autoimmune illness and getting dragged through costly processes that don’t work from our own personal experience, which is exactly why we created our affordable, accessible online programs, we expect your interactions & requests for our professional help to be conducted with respect for our staff. 
  7. If you send a very lengthy list of extensive questions before or after purchasing a professional consultation, we’re unable to answer these types of requests. Just as you wouldn’t send an inquiry of this nature to your doctor or practitioner over email, we’re unable to respond as well. Our paid professional consultation process allows for time to address your individual questions not on our FAQ.

You found your way here for a reason.

Like the 100’s of people who contact us monthly from around the world who can’t find similar programs or results local either.

Our expert team is involved in numerous industry activities from guest expert speaking, authoring books, traveling the US to speak on a national level with top industry wellness experts like Celebrity Nutritionist JJ Virgin, Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Jonny Bowden, Dr. Tom O’Bryan, and many others. Our body of work & our case studies are represented on our website. If you don’t feel there is enough information currently, check back in the future.

If you meet the pre-qualifications above, proceed to the “Request a Consultation” section below to complete your application form to be emailed an invite to purchase and schedule your clinical assessment and consultation with our team.

We look forward to consulting you professionally on life-changing thyroid, autoimmune and metabolism restoration. 


Request a Consultation

To submit your information and questions to our company and request information towards purchasing & scheduling an e3 Restore Functional Nutrition & Metabolic Restoration Consultation + Labs Review for clinical assessment of your health concerns and our professional opinion, please complete the form below.

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Our company is located in Arizona in the United States of America, although our e3 Energy Evolved company team of many talented professionals sharing their abilities to support our mission to end thyroid & autoimmune disease naturally are located all over the world, as are our online members we serve.



PHONE: 623.396.NRG3

GENERAL QUESTIONS: Use the following form for general questions, guest speaker requests, and press/media requests from our company only. If you use this form to request free professional advisement, our staff will not be able to answer these types of requests. If you’d like to request our professional advisement, please use the form above in the “Request a Consultation” section.

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