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Due to the variety of industry projects we are involved in throughout the year and the high level of bio-individualized support each private e3 Restore Member receives from our two-practitioner team in functional nutrition, diagnostics strategy, detoxification, metabolic stress correction, mind-body psychology & exercise physiology programming for their custom program creation and practitioner managed implementation, we have limited program enrollment availability year round.

If you’re interested in our custom e3 Restore Member Program, you will need to schedule a Functional Nutrition & Metabolic Restoration Consultation + Labs Review with our Functional Nutritionist & Diagnostic Nutritionist team to assess your current functional health and metabolism imbalances, and determine an estimate of what your custom program will look like.

During your consultation we will uncover your many nutrition, wellness and metabolism opportunities that are often being missed by your current doctors, practitioners and nutritionists, so you can significantly increase and speed up your results. You may visit our FAQ page for common consultation questions & answers.

Complete the contact form below to receive an email invite to schedule a Functional Nutrition & Metabolic Restoration Consultation + Labs Review with our team.


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Our company is located in Arizona in the United States of America, although our e3 Energy Evolved company team of many talented professionals sharing their abilities to support our mission to end thyroid & autoimmune disease naturally are located all over the world, as are our online members we serve.

HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday through Friday 9 AM – 4 PM AZ MST USA excluding holidays


PHONE: 623.396.NRG3 [6743]

Use the form below for general questions, guest speaker requests, and press/media requests. Our staff is unable to offer free professional advisement through use of our contact form.

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