If you have sought answers & help with your thyroid, adrenal & metabolism concerns from Doctors, Endocrinologists, Gastric Specialists, Gynecologists, Functional Medicine Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors & Nutre3-Energy-Evolved-Hashimotos-thryoid-healing-Linda-Gotzon-Transformation-Resultsitionists, and you still feel stuck or lacking the results you should be getting for the time, money and energy you’re investing, then you’re lacking experienced leadership that can guide you more powerfully & comprehensively yet in all the ways you can restore your wellness & metabolism naturally and drug-free.

If you’re feeling a “bit” better, but you’re concerned that you’re still not losing weight, you’re right to be concerned because your bodies ability to metabolize fat efficiently is just a symptom of internal imbalances that may still be present for you that needs to be addressed. Our programs overcome weight loss & wellness blocks simultaneously with LESS or NO exercise.

If you’d like alternative practitioner input from a team with proven-results in themselves & their clients, you can schedule a “Re-DEFINE Your Wellness & Metabolism” Diagnostic Nutrition & Integrative Wellness Practitioner Consultation with our team for our professional review & recommendations of your health history & lab work from a new perspective to transformational human body restoration that is fast, powerful and efficient, saving you time & money.

The human body truth is that your body has all it needs to restore quickly and powerfully for you, but only when it’s uplifted in all the ways it requires to move your body towards homeostasis nutritionally, environmentally, spiritually, mentally & more.

Our team has a one-of-a-kind approach in the industry evident by our powerful e3 Energy Evolved private member transformations of repeat immediate shifts in their wellness & metabolism, over & over.

e3-Energy-Evolved-Fatigue-Wellness-Metabolism-Transformation-Kacie-BerkelWe invite you to compare our e3 Energy Evolved testimonials & case studies from our clients citing immediate, effective, timely human body change repeatedly compared to other practitioner testimonials which often don’t cite any form of physical change or measured results, and are simply general, elusive & experiential comments.

Our team is about producing transformational human body change for those we serve as quickly & effectively as possible so 1 – our clients see a return quickly for their time, money & energy invested so they feel confident in their practitioner leadership & committed to their custom program to follow through the entire path of restoration & 2 – so that our clients no longer need us because we uncovered all root cause issues and corrected for them vs. plugging holes even with natural supplements.

There are no tactics here that we see sometimes sadly around the industry that keep people stuck in a state of health imbalance and keep clients coming back to pay the practitioner repeatedly over an unnecessary number of years. We will not withhold the gift of powerful human body transformation we were gifted on our journey from those we are here to serve for our benefit.

We create natural drug-free individualized human body restoration pairing our team’s 48 years of combined education & experience and industry body of work in psychology, diagnostic nutrition, metabolic optimization & advanced body transformation [fat metabolism], functional wellness & homeostasis, competitive athletics [fitness], the science of nutrition program design, guided-practitioner mentoring, and our personal experience successfully restoring aggressive Hashimoto’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto immune illness, candida, pesticide toxicity & partial Lupus drug-free to optimal natural human body conditioning & performance in just over 2 years time.

We regularly intake private members from all over the world who have been to doctor after doctor, natural practitioner after natural practitioner, some of the course of 10-15 years or more, with limited to no resolve, and they experience life-changing restoration & transformations in our private programs in just months time. Visit our Work With Us page to see our life-changing e3 Energy Evolved case studies & for more information on our private e3 Energy lab-based functional nutrition member programs.

Reach out to us below or at | 623.396.NRG3


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