Water, How It May Improve Or Hinder Your Thyroid Restoration

Next to oxygen, water is the most essential substance for human life....

25th Mar

Why Diets Don’t Work and What To Do

We’re approaching two months into the new year, well, I guess it’s...

24th Feb
why diets don't work and what to do.

If Life Is a Battle, Become a Warrior

We have had a busy, busy few week coming back from Cancun. With...

22nd Feb
Life Is a Battle

We’re Speaking in the 2016 Breakthroughs Live Tour

We are genuinely honored to share Damian & I were invited this...

27th Jan

The 4 Most Common Lab Testing Pitfalls We See Blocking Thyroid Health

Is your doctor running dozens of labs, yet your thyroid is not...

20th Jan
4 Most Common Pit Falls

Why You Need a Plan to Achieve Your New Years Resolutions

Well, it’s that time of year again, January the start of the...

08th Jan
PLan your New Years resolution

Why You Won’t Heal Your Thyroid Disease & Chronic Fatigue With Just a Few Supplements

Do you know somebody who’s taking six, eight, or ten different medications?...

08th Dec
Why You Won't

Our Greatest Disease Today: The Psychology of Sickness

We have become a world of human beings that don’t know who...

19th Nov
mind body, mindset, spirtually

[PODCAST] Body Wisdom to Beat Hashimoto’s Disease

We are so excited to share with our community that I was...

11th Nov
hashimotos, hashimotos diease, thyroid, mind body

Are Your Supplements Helping Or Hurting You?

Before Heather’s was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, and we began to learn and...

26th Oct
Supplements, autoimmune, health

Letting go to trust your thyroid restoration journey

 Sometimes the universe takes you places you never planned to go, but...

13th Oct

Husband’s, What You Need To Know When Your Wife Has Thyroid Disease

“To have and to hold from this day forward, for better or...

30th Sep
What HUSBAND's Need To

e3 Energy Evolved Talks Thyroid Metabolism on the Metabolism & Weight Loss Summit

  Tomorrow kicks off The Metabolism and Weight Loss Summit hosted by our...

27th Sep
Hosted by_ Katherine Watkins

22lbs lost in 8 weeks with no exercise & more energy than in YEARS

Paula’s 8 week E3 Restore Transformation Meet Paula E3 Energy Evolved Private “e3...

24th Sep
e3 Energy Evolved Member 8 Week Progress Before After_PMiller

[PODCAST] Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips To Overcome Weight Loss Resistance

Damian & I had the honor of being interviewed as guests by  Mike...

17th Aug