Before After Transformation

On January 14, 2013

A visual before and after transformation example of natural fat loss and body composition change available through our custom nutrition & fitness programming membership. Visual transformation is noticeable in this client in body composition through shape and increased musculature of the arms / deltoids, back, size of waist, glutes/butt shape, legs/quadricep size and definition, abdominals, and overall decreased body fat % for a leaner, fitter & overall stronger, healthier look.





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  • Which one is before and which after? She looks more muscular on the right but also overly thin, anorexic, actually. #notinspiringatall

    • Hi Janet, Hey, thanks for visiting our website to enhance your body transformation and wellness restoration education!

      So a little bit about our team, we are Functional Nutritionists & US National Level Natural Competitive Bodybuilding Athletes, as well as Nutrition Science Peer Reviewers in body transformation for mass market brands in the US like TapouTXT, and Industry Natural Fat Loss & Metabolism Expert Contributors for magazines like Experience Life which is the publication for Lifetime Fitness Corporate.

      At any rate, we completely appreciate your right to share your opinion as a non-professional in what should or should not be inspiring advanced body transformation, but actually you are incorrect there.

      I noted your email address had the words “cookies” and “cream” & so it gave us the idea that you’re most likely not a nutritionist or competitive athlete or professional in body transformation, (although we may be wrong! we’ve seen plenty of athletic coaches make the mistake of eating cookies & dairy, and recommending them to their athletes!), but it’s important to note we have clients who have Masters Degrees in Nutrition who come to our company for our expert leadership mentoring & programming in the art & science of applying human body nutrition, psychology, exercise science, and other forms of human body sciences related to metabolism & wellness for the goal of body transformation.

      As a layperson it’s important to understand, you simply don’t have the experience or education in applied nutrition & exercise science for body transformation of a physique to properly visually assess or diagnose what accurate expectations of body composition change is, or what that change will & should look like in every area of the human body physique over specific periods of time.

      This client has more lean mass (which stands for muscle tissue) on the right, and improved muscular development, and less body fat in her after photo.

      Human body change requires time, and more time & effort nutritionally than most non-professionals & even professionals truly understand, and this was a short time span of work in this particular before/after.

      Additionally, every person’s human body frame & structure will vary, and, as such, how body transformation happens is a complete art form again lay people & even many professionals do not understand how it takes place or will develop. Our client here naturally had a thinner build, and we were rebuilding her physique nutritionally, again, over time.

      We’re sorry to hear you feel uninspired with this one client who worked with us, but you’re welcome to go to any of the following links here now….

      ….to see plenty of inspirational thyroid, autoimmune and metabolism transformational restoration results we’ve created for ourselves & many people around the world (that most doctors, nutritionists, athletic coaches and practitioners are unable to produce naturally in the human body).

      I’d encourage you not to let your what your mind “thinks” be your barometer for what “is” or “isn’t” inspiring natural human body change. That mistake holds you and a lot of others back from receiving greater human body change, and I say that with love & honesty.

      Only experienced mentors and human body practitioners know what is or isn’t successful human body change. It’s inexperienced expectations that we base on what we think, vs. consulting professionals who’ve done this work for their lifetimes & studied multiple forms of human body sciences to do this work for 50+ years as a team professionally, that truly have the capabilities to assess & know what is actually proper expectations of human body change over time. That’s why we have clients around the globe who seek leadership from us in producing functional & metabolic human body change over time for their natural healing, fat loss & athletic goals.

      Have a terrific POSITIVE-minded rest of your week!

      We hope to see you again on our blog again for more thyroid, autoimmune & metabolism restoration education & resources so you can learn more about what is truly inspiring human body change.

      In restoration,

      Heather, e3ee
      Co-Founder, e3 Energy Evolved, Functional Nutritionist, US National Level Natural Figure Competitor

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