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On January 14, 2013

A visual before and after transformation example of natural fat loss and body composition change available through our custom nutrition & fitness programming membership. Visual transformation is noticeable in this client in body composition through shape and increased musculature of the arms / deltoids, legs/quadricep size and definition, abdominals, and overall decreased body fat % for a leaner, healthier look.

(*Client requested to remain anonymous )

NOTE: Please don’t bother contacting us to point out our client’s butterfly tatoo is not in her professionally done “after” photo. We are fully aware of this, and it is common practice in professional fitness photography to Photoshop a tatoo out so the image can be used professionally to represent the photographer’s portfolio. This is the same woman, and these are our professional results. If you are going to wrongly accuse of fake testimonials, then explain our staffs results and natural national athletic body transformation achievements, our case studies on our Work With Us page, and all of the trusted industry brands who partner with us, hire us, and stamp their name on our team, or kindly exit our website and find another one to learn from. Websites require an extensive amount of people, money and time to create to share education freely with the public. We have a zero tolerance policy for disrespectful comments on our website. Thank you.


BEFORE: 151 LBs; 30% body fat

AFTER 16 weeks: 126 LBs; 11% body fat

25 LBs & 19% body fat lost total




2 Responses to “Before After Transformation”

  • What? – Did she get her tattoo removed as well? And have a professional outdoor photo shoot for her after photo’s?

    I understand that the client wishes to remain anonymous, so why not just post her stats? Adding two photo’s of two different women as “before” and “after” shots is dishonest.

    I trusted the information on this site until now.

    • Thanks Jenny for your post. I guess it’s natural in the human mind we want to focus on the one potential negative we may question in a sea of positive results. Actually, in professional fitness photography, the answer to your very bold & inappropriate assumptive accusation to a professional company is YES, the photographer photoshops the image & they remove tatoos so the image can be used professionally. But, if you would like to verify the athlete, feel free to contact the photographer himself, his name is Leigh & he’s at Imirage Photography, but we will not disclose the client’s name per her request. And, yes, those before and after images are of the exact SAME woman & SAME human body with the results AS STATED, NO, she’s not outdoors in the after photo she’s inside a gym working with a very well-regarded fitness photographer, and YES she hired him to shoot her as a present to herself to celebrate her hard work and accomplishments. While that may not happen around the world, that does happen here quite frequently in Arizona, so again better not to make gross assumptions. While there are many businesses out there that sadly are dishonest, I highly doubt businesses and brands as successful and well-known in the US as TapouTXT, Lifetime Fitness / Experience Life, and OnFitness would contract us as on staff expert contributing writers and nutrition peer reviewers for their product launches and allow us to associate our brand name with theirs with our 24 year history in multiple areas of human body education, if our team of accomplished industry professionals didn’t showcase expert abilities and results both in our own results as national level competitive athletes, and the people we serve all over the world. Additionally, if we had something to hide, we wouldn’t approve your post on our website – we would just delete it, and our total client case studies on our “work with us” page and other pages wouldn’t showcase potent & even unheard of transformations, nor would the world-class leader in body transformation nutrition, Dr. John Berardi, PhD, owner of Precision Nutrition, Inc. [who advises brands as big as Apple on current science-based human body nutrition] stamp his name on our team as our e3 Energy Evolved business adviser and risk his brand or business, nor would peers like Dr. Jade Teta of Metabolic Effect either. It’s sad that people will try to find the one loophole in a lifetime of personal and professional success. We hope you enjoy the valuable free education & learning on our website. A sizable team of people invest a significant amount of time, money and energy to create it all & make it available for yourself and others to share transformative mind and body learning and experience, while you accuse us of being dishonest in our results for changing people’s lives. If you don’t trust the free learning on our website, please go visit another one. There are many other websites you can visit instead. Truly disappointing to read your comment & our team doesn’t appreciate it nor feel positively about it. Our suggestion would be to be consider respectfully and politely asking your question first in the future vs. making bold accusations at established businesses of an experience like professional fitness modeling of which you may have no experience or point of reference point to even know what you’re saying or how that world works, because that would truly be the polite, right & mutually respectful thing to do. Please visit for the rest of our transformational results & case studies as well. We wish you the best.

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