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Diagnostic & Functional Nutritionists, Damian & Heather Dubé, are the Co-Founders of e3 Energy Evolved™, a thyroid, adrenal & 7049_luxewmetabolism restoration system helping women & men create their lifetime-best natural wellness & metabolism for fat loss with ease vs. force.

They discovered their e3 Energy Evolved™ System during their inspirational battle to successfully beat Heather’s advanced Hashimoto’s disease, chronic fatigue & auto immune illness drug & synthroid-free through nutrition, mindset, lifestyle & environmental change, and then transform her body from systemic chaos into her lifetime-best natural conditioning in just 2 years to compete as a NPC national level natural figure athlete through their e3 Energy Evolved System to advanced natural fat loss through bio-individualized functional wellness. Most men & women sadly go years without ever solving their endocrine, digestive & immune health imbalances.

With 50 years combined education, credentials, mentorships, athletic awards, published work & experience in nutrition, wellness, metabolism, psychology, competitive athletics, pharmacy & fitness, they are Diagnostic and Functional Nutrition Practitioners, Natural Athletes & Coaches, On Staff Expert Contributors for Experience Life Magazine & OnFitness Magazine, & Nutrition Science Peer Reviewers to mass market body transformation & home fitness/nutrition brands like TapOut XT.

They have also traveled throughout the US to work with sought-after global expert practitioners in forms of functional wellness and functional neurology, and mentored with top Olympic & Pro Athletic Coaches in core “human body change & optimization” competencies of nutrition, metabolism, natural fat loss, neuromuscular therapy, movement science and program design, including e3 Energy Evolved advisor, Dr. John Berardi, PhD, CSCS, Founder of Precision Nutrition.




Damian Dubé | Chief Food Science Guy & Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner

BS Exercise Science, FDN, CES, CPT, NPC, PN1 Cand.

  • 24 Years Experience
  • Expert Contributing On Staff Writer Experience Life Magazine & OnFitness Magazine
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist
  • National Association of Nutrition Professionals
  • BS Exercise Science & Fitness Mng | Lockhaven University – Williamsport, PA
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Candidate
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist | National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Fitness Professional | National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Recipe Developer & Cookbook Author
  • Retired NPC Bodybuilding Competitor
  • Former Wrestler














  • I’m tired of the myths created by the health and fitness industry and am doing my best to dispel them.
  • Frank Zane was my inspiration to start strength training in my teens; today in my 40’s, I’m humbled to be on the same magazine expert contributor list as him.
  • I love food…. gathering it, creating it (gardening), preparing it, and consuming it.
  • Since my youth, it’s been important to me to help those that couldn’t help themselves.



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Heather Dubé | CEO & Functional Nutritionist

BA Psychology, INHC, AADP, CWC, CPT, US National Natural NPC Figure Competitor














  • I worked formerly in the agriculture industry as a national consumer nutrition programs manager, educating US consumers on proper fruit & vegetable selection, storage, & preparation.
  • I love all things chinese medicine, mind body psychology, functional neurology, food energetics, Ayurveda, and chakra healing.
  • I feel a deep empathy for and connection with women feeling disconnected from their bodies, or stuck in systemic health imbalances others can’t see on the outside, having a lifetime of practice myself both successfully living with and beating them drug-free.
  • US Pro Volleyball Player Gabrielle Reece was my first inspiration at 17 to embrace being a strong woman & encourage me to strength train.


  • Co-creating e3 Energy Evolved from our struggle through tremendous adversity so we can help others.
  • Beating my Hashimoto’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, auto immune disease and candida drug & synthroid-free.
  • Contributing for publications side by side with functional medicine doctors and leaders who deeply inspire me like Dr. Mark Hyman, Kriss Carr, Dr. Frank Lipman.
  • Reaching the best health & conditioning of my life to compete at the national level naturally at 36 yrs old against some of the best athletes in the world, only 2 years after healing my endocrine, digestive and auto immune illness naturally, to show the world what level of natural change our bodies can do for all of us, from complete restoration to optimal function and performance.


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 Meet Our Team

Lisa Nelson | Project Manager

Lisa supports our e3 Energy Evolved management team in online event and program launch activities.

Lauren Taulbee | Customer Care & Community Manager

Lauren ensures that friends and affiliates of e3 Energy Evolved have an excellent experience as part of our community. Lauren stays busy & active through her support of our team and as the Community Manager for the well-known fitness lifestyle brand Live Well 360.

Whitney Woolstenhulme | Content Manager

Whitney supports the online expansion of our e3 Energy Evolved mission through our e3 Energy Evolved social media and weekly e-newsletter.


Dr. John Berardi

Dr. John Berardi | e3 Energy Evolved Advisory Board Member

PhD, CSCS & Co-Founder Precision Nutrition

Dr. John Berardi is a life-long friend of Damian & Heather Dube’ of almost 25 years, our first competitive athletic coach in 1995 & 2004, an industry mentor and champion of our e3 Energy Evolved mission to share transformational nutritional wellness and metabolism restoration education and bio-individualized programming with women and men around the world online.

Dr. Berardi is a nutrition researcher, professor, speaker, coach, athlete, and writer, primarily focused in exercise nutrition and the psychology of human body change. He is the health and human body performance and nutrition adviser to brands as well-regarded as Apple, Nike, the NFL, the PGA, and the Canadian Olympic team, to name a few, and the go-to fitness industry nutrition education resource for top fitness education associations such as PTontheNet, IDEA, and ISSA.

Specializing in exercise physiology and nutrient biochemistry, he received his PhD at the University of Western Ontario under renowned sport nutrition researcher Dr. Peter Lemon. He’s an assistant adjunct professor at the University of Texas and a course instructor at Eastern Michigan University, where he has taught courses in Exercise Science, Nutrient Metabolism, Fitness and Wellness, and Exercise Nutrition.

Today, Dr. Berardi is ever-busy traveling the world to educate on his exercise nutrition research at various conferences, and manage Precision Nutrition, the largest online nutrition coaching company globally. We are extremely honored to have Dr. Berardi’s ongoing support and advisement of our e3 Energy Evolved team and vision.


With e3 Energy Evolved Business Advisor & lifelong friend, Dr. John Berardi, PhD CSCS, Founder Precision Nutrition at Perform Better Meeting of the Minds

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