e3 Energy Evolved™ is an online global resource whose mission is to deliver cutting-edge, science-based metabolic health & functional nutrition education to natural health, fat loss & fitness seekers in an easy & accessible manner that transforms their human body experience. The e3 Energy Evolved™ system is a total energy management system to naturally rebalance health, change your body & live the fat loss lifestyle.

Our unique e3 Energy Evolved™ system hits 3 metabolic areas that altogether determine your total health quality & energy: your energy IN, your energy OUT, & your energy ENVIRONMENT.

When all 3 areas are engaged efficiently & balanced effectively, the body regulates naturally so we can achieve our best natural health, fat loss & fitness.

The e3 Energy Evolved™ system maximizes your natural energy potential by:

  1. considering all natural energy systems & metabolic detractors/enhancers
  2. recognizing metabolic health is a result of each unique body and its environment
  3. meeting the metabolic demands on today’s human body more effectively in our evolving world


All our e3 Energy Evolved™ teachings, products & programs are pieces of our e3 Energy Evolved™ system & benefit everyone seeking improved natural health, fat loss & fitness. Our forthcoming lifestyle edu-programs & products are practitioner-grade, ND/Naturopathic & medically supervised, therapeutic level. We will be sharing our innovative edu-programs & products with you shortly. Go to our facebook page & sign up for our launch updates to learn more.





Our journey to beat auto immune illness & metabolic dysfunction naturally took us 3 years from late 2006 until late 2009, repeated misdiagnosis, and over $30-40,000 in out-of-pocket natural health expenses to correct once we discovered the sum of many viable natural solutions to recreate & rebalance the body without drugs. When we beat my illness, we both continued living the new natural metabolic health & functional nutrition lifestyle habits we learned because they not only healed my auto immune & metabolic health issues, but they healed every other health imbalance both of us had for 30+ years prior: allergies, athlete’s foot, cold sores/viral infections, bacterial imbalance, & lactose intolerance – all gone naturally.

As we added our newfound integrative health & energy creation skills into our fat loss & fitness goals once returning to athletic competition following my recovery, we found they also improved my results significantly in our body transformation work for natural figure competition. I was able to compete at the national level as a natural athlete coming in “too lean & over-conditioned” repeatedly without doing risky health processes, while maintaining healthy balanced internal systemic function in my body both throughout my prep & recovery.

It became clear to us that natural healing & metabolic performance could not be separated in the human body; that all metabolic processes affect one another. When best practices from both are paired together, natural health, fat loss & fitness/performance all improved. We felt strongly everyone should have access to these evolved metabolic health skills we discovered without the same investment of time, energy & money  & e3 Energy Evolved™ was born.

e3 Energy Evolved™ is dedicated to RHK

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