1. relating to a form of strategy focused on outcomes and achievements. A results-driven organization concentrates on meeting objectives, delivering to the required time, cost and quality, and holds performance to be more important than procedures.
2. sets specific, measurable improvement goals and match resources, tools, and action plans to the requirements of accomplishing success.
Synonyms: results-focused, results-oriented
Antonyms: activity-centered (also known as “wheel spinning” with no strategy or measurable outcomes for your efforts of time, money and energy)
Example: The companies results-driven effort permitted them to bypass a lengthy preparation and aim at a quick, measurable gain with in a few months rather than years.
Source: Urban Dictionary

e3 Energy Evolved™ is an online lab-based functional nutrition company whose mission is to deliver bio-individualized, science-based natural thyroid, autoimmune & metabolism restoration programs to women & men around the world in an easy & accessible manner that transforms their human body experience to a completely new level naturally in the most cost effective & time efficient manner.

The e3 Energy Evolved™ System is a clinical-level thyroid, autoimmune & metabolism restoration system rooted in strategy designed by Damian & Heather Dube’s 50+ years of personal & professional experience, education & athletic leadership in multiple mind-body sciences that provides a bio-individual comprehensive map to powerfully transform our private e3 Energy Evolved online members natural wellness & resting metabolism, restoring functional health, and permanently correcting and ending their uncontrollable weight gain related to their thyroid, autoimmune & metabolic health imbalances.


Our e3 Energy Evolved™ System addresses 3 Core Metabolism Areas in a synergistic manner that together determine your health quality & metabolism: your energy IN, your energy OUT, & your energy ENVIRONMENT.

When all three of these areas are engaged efficiently & balanced effectively, the body will restore wellness naturally, eliminate symptoms drug-free, and become lean with ease & peace vs. force.

Our e3 Energy Evolved™ System maximizes your natural metabolism & strengthens your body’s own natural built-in ability to restore itself by:

  1. Teaching you the core body systems that relate to metabolism & synergistic health quality
  2. Helping you to uncover all your personal metabolism detractors and enhancers
  3. Building your natural health & metabolism management skills for your unique body & environment
  4. Uncovering your “hidden energy demands” in your lifestyle & environment effecting your body everyday that limit your metabolism & wellness





All e3 Energy Evolved™ products & programs are part of our e3 Energy Evolved™ System, our exclusive creation & approach to natural health & metabolism restoration.

They blend all of our natural health, nutrition & metabolism best practices & philosophies from the summary of our life’s work, including 46 years of natural healing success, nutrition & lifestyle practice, research, professional mentoring, natural athletic competition, industry work and education. Our e3 Energy Evolved™ System also touches on what we’ve found over many years of successful work are also the must-do mental & spiritual best practices of healing, because there is more to human body wellness & metabolism than just food & movement.

Our e3 Energy Evolved™ products & programs are therapeutic (clinical) in approach & practitioner-grade.

Our e3 Energy Evolved™ private distance Diagnostic Nutrition & Metabolic Lab Testing Membership Programs, which include our e3 Energy Evolved™ System, are medically supervised with a proven-results integrative health approach by a D.O. { Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine }.




Our journey to beat auto immune illness & metabolic dysfunction naturally took us 3 years from late 2006 until late 2009, repeated misdiagnosis, and over $30-40,000 in out-of-pocket natural health expenses to correct once we discovered the sum of many viable natural solutions to recreate & rebalance the body without drugs. When we beat my illness, we both continued living the new natural metabolic health & functional nutrition lifestyle habits we learned because they not only healed my auto immune & metabolic health issues, but they healed every other health imbalance both of us had for 30+ years prior: allergies, athlete’s foot, cold sores/viral infections, bacterial imbalance, & lactose intolerance – all gone naturally.

As we added our newfound integrative health & energy creation skills into our fat loss & fitness goals once returning to athletic competition following my recovery, we found they also improved my results significantly in our body transformation work for natural figure competition. I was able to compete at the national level as a natural athlete coming in “too lean & over-conditioned” repeatedly without doing risky health processes, while maintaining healthy balanced internal systemic function in my body both throughout my prep & recovery.

It became clear to us that natural healing & metabolic performance could not be separated in the human body; that all metabolic processes affect one another. When best practices from both are paired together, natural health, fat loss & fitness/performance all improved. We felt strongly everyone should have access to these evolved metabolic health skills we discovered without the same investment of time, energy & money  & e3 Energy Evolved™ was born.

e3 Energy Evolved™ is dedicated to RHK

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